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Creamy White Cheese Rotini Recipe

Yesterday the kids wanted a pasta that was cheesy but not Mac and Cheese. White Cheese Rotini is rich, creamy, and crunchy on top, but doesn’t have the tang that Mac and Cheese does. Ingredients Pasta500g Rotini Noodles5 Litres Water for boiling Sauce1 Brown Onion1 Cup Whole Milk2 Cups Cream2 Cups Mild White Cheddar3 Cups […]

How To Grow Dill

We grow dill both indoors and outdoors year round. The dill we have indoors is to use whenever we need fresh dill and the dill outdoors is for drying. Sun – Dill needs 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight daily. Soil – Plant in well draining soil that is also able to stay moist […]

Turkey Tikka Recipe

We celebrate more than one thanksgiving which means eating turkey several times throughout the winter holidays. While we love traditional turkey we decided a long time ago to mix things up a bit sometimes. This is why we end up making different kinds of turkey for different holidays. This turkey is our Canadian Thanksgiving turkey […]

How To Grow Tomatillos

We started growing tomatillos when we couldn’t find them at the store when we moved. We didn’t use them that often at the time but when we couldn’t find them we decided it would be wonderful to grow them. Here is all the growing information you will need to start growing your own tomatillo plants. […]

Mini Mexican Street Corn Recipe

This recipe always takes us back to summer days California and Mexico. The street venders would always have fresh boiled corn with cheese and spices. At home some times we make this miniatures version for convenience or for parties and it is jut as delicious but a little easier to eat on the move. Ingredients […]

How To Grow Snap Green Beans

Snap green peas can grow in a surprisingly small spaces. We love to grow these because our little one loves them. We started to grow them when he was a baby to mash up for his baby food. The photo above is of one of our snap green bean plants that we didn’t have room […]

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Flowers Recipe

This cute little salmon flowers make a cool and refreshing appetizer or snack on any occasion. We made these for our family movie night on a whim but we also like to make them for high tea sometimes. However they would be prefect for weddings and are fairly easy to make. Ingredients 8oz/200g Smoked Salmon […]

How To Grow Sweet Pea Flowers

   Sweet pea flowers are beautiful small flowers that can be grown almost anywhere. Although they are called sweet peas they are not edible. They look amazing in hanging baskets and in flower beds. There are some care and maintenance tips on how to grow and care for sweet pea flowers. Sun – Sweet peas […]

Lightly Seasoned Carrot Salad Recipe

Today we are celebrating the flavor or the carrot. This is a lightly seasoned carrot salad that is meant to not completely drown out the flavor of the carrots. Let’s face it we all work really hard all season long to grow carrots and it is wonderful when we get to sample our first carrot […]

How To Grow Paris Island Lettuce

Paris Island Lettuce is easy to grow and can even be grown in containers. The flavor is a lot like butter lettuce and iceberg lettuce. You can also harvest it multiple times as it will continue to grow until it starts to flower. This blog is for basic care instructions on how to care for […]


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