How to Grow Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinth flowers are thick rubber flower that originate from Eurasia. These hardy flowers home in nine different hues ranging from white and blue to red and apricot. They are easy to care for and are beautiful addition to any flower bed.


Sun – Hyacinth flowers prefer full sun all day but can also live in partial shade.


Soil – Loamy soil is best for Hyacinths that is rich in compost.


Spacing – Plant the bulbs 5-6in/12-15cm apart from the center of each bulb.


Water – These flowers do not need much water. Only water them when the top soil is dry 3in/7cm deep.


Food – Hyacinths need to be fertilized twice a year. Once in the spring when they water is warm enough for them to grow and again in the fall when it is still warm enough for them to send out roots.


Annual or Perennial – Hyacinths are perennial flowers that can come back very year in a few different ways. One of by the mother bulb that last only 3-4 year, they also make offset and will spread out and multiply the next year. The last was is by going to seed, these seeds can be used to grow more hyacinth that will be true to seed.


Climate/Hardiness – There are certain species of hyacinths that are very cold tolerant. These species will be able to tolerate hard freezing conditions. All hyacinth bulbs need to be chill before they will bloom and can tolerate cold temperatures.


Harvest – You can harvest hyacinth flowers after they bloom and seeds after the flowers have weathered, and bulbs after the leaves have died down.


Transplant – The best time to transplant the bulbs is in the spring before they start to grow leaves




1. These flowers do not like to get there flowers or their roots wet. You should always water them only at the soil and avoid the leaves and flowers.


2. Hyacinths start to send out roots once their flowers have dead out.


3. If you live in a warm climate you can over winter the bulbs in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 weeks before replanting then outside to bloom.


4. Hyacinth flowers bulbs can be grown from seed but the bulb can take up to six years to grow and mature.

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