All Natural Mint and Calamondin Jello Recipe

We love making things out of the edible plants we grow in our garden and sometimes that brings about new flavor combinations. Like when our apple mint plant and calamondin tree were ready to harvest at the same time. We had a lot of mint and calamondin oranges in the summer season and one of things I decided to do with them was to make mint and calamondin jello. It turned out to be a wonderful combination with its mint and apple notes giving way to a slight citrus orange flavor.



6 Calamondin Oranges (cut in half)

2 Cups Apple Mint (or whatever fresh mint you have on hand.)

3 ½ Cup Sugar

¼ Cup Natural Gelatine Powder (add more or less depending on your brand of gelatine.)

2 Cups Water


Step 1

Wash mint and remove mint leaves from steams and place in a medium sauce pan.

Step 2

Wash calamondins and cut in half and place in the sauce pan with the mint.

Step 3

Add in 2 cups of water and 3 ½ cups of sugar to the sauce pan with the mint and calamondins and heat on medium heat until sugar is fully dissolved.

Step 4

Add in ¼ cups of natural gelatine powder and reduce heat to medium low.

Step 5

Continuously stir until gelatine powder is completely dissolved. Keep on medium low heat until desired flavor is reached. This will happen as the mint and calamondin have time to bloom in the heat. They longer you let them steep the strong the flavor of the jello will be.

Step 6

Once the desired flavor is reached turn off heat and let jello cool to room temperature and place it in refrigerate to harden serve cold.

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