How To Grow Meadow Saffron

When we first started growing Meadow Saffron five years ago we actually didn’t know the flower were were growing was saffron. The plant was gifted to us by a neighbour who thought we could save a dying plant. She didn’t know what kind of plant it was only that it was a flower. We did indeed save the plant it flowered and we were all pleasantly surprised to find that it was saffron. At the time we live on land that use to be a grape vineyard which turned out to be the prefect soil to grow the lovely pastel purple flowers.

Sun – Meadow Saffron needs 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. They do not like shade.

Soil – These flowers like sandy loams that drain will and are dry.

Spacing – They need 5in/15cm of space between each bulb.

Water – Meadow Saffron needs ½ inch of water a week. If the weather is cool they made need to be watered less depending on how moist the soil is.

Food – They need to be fertilized twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

Annual or Perennial – Meadow Saffron is a perennial flower that can live 4 to 6 years.

Climate/Hardiness – Saffron is not a cold hardy plant. They come from a climate that is hot and dry. If you live in a zone that gets chilly or cold you would want to plant them in pots to bring inside during the colder seasons.

Harvest – You can harvest the red Saffron stigmas from the flowers once the flowers are fully open.

Transplant – If you need to transplant the bulbs you can transplant the meadow saffrons bulbs once the flowers of the plant have completely dried up.

Tips – Note that if you are looking to buy Meadow Saffron do not buy seeds. Meadow Saffron is only grown from bulbs and never from seed. Anyone selling Meadow Saffron seeds is scam.

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