How To Grow Purple Garlic

Purple garlic is an amazing addition to a garden and a dish. Purple garlic has a milder flavor than white garlic, which means you can use it in dishes that white garlic would over power. If you want to grow purple garlic the following are the care and maintenance instructions for growing purple garlic.

Sun – Purple garlic needs 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight and does not like shade.

Soil – Sandy loam is ideal for growing purple garlic but it will also grow well in garden soil mix, and potting mix. (We have tried them all.)

Spacing – They need 6×6 inches/15x15cm between rows and plants.

Water – Purple needs 1 inch of water every week. If it gets to wet do to rain or over water let the soil get almost completely dry before watering again.

Food – Be sure to fertilize purple garlic in the spring after the last frost.

Annual or Perennial – Garlic is a perennial plant that is also an evergreen.

Climate/Hardiness – Purple garlic is a hardneck garlic verity and is very cold hardy. If you leave your garlic in the ground in the snow the leaves may die but the bulb under the ground will continue to grow.

Harvest – You can harvest purple garlic when the bottom two leaves turn yellow. This should be around 8 to 9 months after planting them depending on the weather.

Transplant – Purple garlic is very easy to transplant if you need to move it or if you started the bulbs indoors. Make sure to be careful not to remove the outer papery skin that protect the cloves if you have to transplant it it’s in later stages.

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