How To Grow Grapes

We started growing grapes when our youngest child was born. Normally we plant a tree every time we have a baby so that the tree is the same age as the baby. With our last baby the tree died while we were at the hospital so we decided not to plant another tree but to plant grapes instead, and that is how we started growing grapes. We planted several vines and the one you see in the photo was planted into a large oak planter made by my husband.

Sun – Grapes need 7 to 8 hours of sunlight everyday in order to produce fruit and keep away mildew.

Soil – They grow best in a crumbly loam that is rich in compost and fertilizer.

Spacing – Some grapevines need 6 feet of space in order to grow, while others need 8 to 10 feet.

Water – ½ to 1 inch of water a week is how much water they need. If they temperature is hotter than normally they will need more water to that they don’t dry out.

Food – Grapes need to be fertilized ones a year in early spring. You have to be careful to only fertilized the grapevines 1 foot away from the base of the roots are the grapevine could be damaged.

Annual or Perennial – Not only are grapevines perennials they can live a very long time. The world oldest grapevine is about 400 years old. On average grapevines can live up to 125 years.

Climate/Hardiness – Established grapevines can be very cold weather hardy, surviving winter snow.

Harvest – Grapes are ready to harvest when the fruit has ripened to full color and grapes are plump. You should be able to easily pull the cluster off the cluster. Keep in mind that most grapevines will take 3 years to produce fruit.

Transplant – It is not advisable to transplant grapevine and sometimes it is almost impossible because of how deep and wide their roots grow. If you have to transplant grapevines is it best to do them when they are young, and before they established their roots.

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