How To Grow Sweet Pea Flowers


 Sweet pea flowers are beautiful small flowers that can be grown almost anywhere. Although they are called sweet peas they are not edible. They look amazing in hanging baskets and in flower beds. There are some care and maintenance tips on how to grow and care for sweet pea flowers.

Sun – Sweet peas grow well in fall sun and afternoon shade. The reason for this is that they love sun but not long burning sun. If your area is hot and gets more than 6 to 8 hours of full sun a day make sure your sweet pea flowers have a spot that get full day in the morning when shade in the afternoon.

Soil – They grow best in peat free moist well draining soil.

Spacing – Sweet pea plants don’t need space between them. They can grow very will without being spaced and thinned.

Water — They need 1 inch of water once a week. If the weather is hot they will need more water because they do not like being dry and start to wilt very fast.

Food – These flowers need to be fertilized every two weeks, because they are commonly grown in pots and containers and lost their nutrients fast.

Annual or Perennial – Sweet Pea flowers can be annual and perennials. There are two different types of sweet pea flower. There’s lathyrus latifolius which is a perennial sweet pea flower and lathyrus odoratus which is an annual sweet pea flower.

Climate/Hardiness – Sweet pea flowers are very hardy and love cool climates, which is why it is best to plant them early before the summer heat hits. They do not like heat and wilt very easily in it as they look their roots to be cool.

Transplant – Transplanting sweet pea flowers is very easy and does not harm the plant. Make sure to transplant them early spring or late summer once the weather is still cool in the spring and when it starts to cool down in the summer.

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