How to Grow Heaven Facing Pepper Plants

Chao Tian Jiao Pepper Plants

Heaving facing pepper are little tiny peppers with a big kick of heat. They grow upside down which is what gives them them their name. We love these little fire crackers that really pack punch and grow back every year. I make jars of sweet and spice pickled peppers out of them and the sweet peppers we also grow here at Our Little Chateau. If your would like to try them here is a link to the that recipe These peppers are really easy to grow and care for one you get them going. Here is all of the information you will need to plant, grow, and care for our own heaven facing/chao tian jiao peppers

Sun – From Seed: If you are germinating these peppers from seeds you do not need sun to germinate them, but you do need a really warm (almost hot) dark place. The space should be somewhere in the 70°F rang ideally 75°F. Plant: Heaven facing peppers need 6 to 12 hours of sunlight in order to grow to their fullest and bear fruit.

Soil – We grow are peppers in a verity of soils so it doesn’t really matter what you grow them in. However a well draining soil would be best especially if you aren’t use to knowing when your plants are getting to dry or have had to much water. We let our peppers dry out a little before watering them again but we don’t let them get so dry that they would be damaged or die. A well draining soil would insure that no matter what the water will not sit on the roots (unless you water them way way to much).

Spacing – Heaven facing peppers need to be planted 12 to 18 inches apart but grow really well in small containers if they are planted by themselves.

Water – Throughly soak your pepper plant with water about once a week. You may need to water them more if the weather is warmer than normal and the soil dries out faster, about twice a week in the summer months.

Food – Peppers need fertilizing at least once a month and twice a month when the fruit starts to grow. If your peppers start to look a little black this normally mean they need a little for fertilizer. Once your fertilize them the black color will disappear in a few days. If it does not they could be getting sunburned.

Annual or Perennial – Heaven facing pepper are perennial plants that can live for 3 to 5 years.

Climate/Hardiness – Peppers do well in warm and hot environments. Some sources will say that low tempers ranging from 60°F to 70°F are fine for pepper plants but in our experience from living in many different climates all over the world this only applies to areas with a lot of humidity. Areas that are in the 60s without humidity and lots of wind can be a little to chilly for pepper plants to grow outdoors. Peppers are not hardy and should be brought in out of the cold are they will die.

Harvest – You can harvest heaven facing peppers when they are full grown and green or you can wait for them to turn the color they are suppose to be. They can be yellow, orange, or red and their phases are green to purple to their final color.

Transplant – Heaven facing peppers can be transplanted at any stage, but once they are established and growing peppers it’s best not to transplant them. If the roots break or start to grow they plant will focus on making roots and not new leaves and fruit.

Tips – Heaven facing peppers can be grown in very small pots making them prefect for small spaces.
They also have a period of dormancy and will look dead. Keep watering them and they will grow back during the next growing season.

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