How to Grow Gladiolus

Gladiolus are a beautiful addition to any garden space and come in a wide variety of colors. We love to grow gladiolus not only for their beauty but also for their fragrance. Here is a list of everything you need to know to start your very own gladiolus garden.

Sun – Gladiolus love 6 to 8 hours of full sun light daily.

Soil – They also like well draining soil that is slightly fertilized. To much fertilizer can actually have negative effects on this flowers.

Spacing – These flowers are glade to share their space with others and only need 3 to 6 inches spacing between plant. This also means you can grow them happily in containers.

Water – Gladiolus need at least 1 inch of water pre week.

Food – There is no need to fertilize gladiolus after planting them as they don’t like being over fertilized.

Annual or Perennial – Gladiolus are perennials and are grown from bulbs that come back year after year.

Climate/Hardiness – The flower itself is not hardy and will die in cold and frost. You can however leave the bulb in the ground during the winter as along as the soil temperature and above soil temperature doesn’t get below 14°F/-10°C. If the outside weather drops below those temperatures it is best to cover the soil to protect the bulbs.

Harvest – You can harvest the flowers any time right before they fully bloom or after even after they bloom. If you are looking to harvest the bulbs you will need to wait until the plant turns brown and dies back.

Transplant – Gladiolus do tolerate transplanting at any stage. You would just need to be careful with the stem and roots to make sure not to damage them.

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