10 Signs Your Plant Needs Something And What To Do About It.

We spend and awful out of time thinking about, taking care of, and talking to our plants. Weather we worry about them or forget about them something is bound to happen. That one thing that no matter how much or how little time we spend with them gets our attention and makes us think “what’s wrong with my plant!” So what should you do with your plant starts to talk black and shows you signs that something is wrong. Here are time most common but not so bad problems and how to fix them.

1.Won’t Grow
You feed your plant everyday and give it the right amount of food and sunlight, but no matter what you do it just won’t grow. This means it doesn’t have room to grow and needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot. If the pot has drainages wholes you may even see roots coming out of the bottom but not always. It’s important to transplant it before it stops looking good and starts to die.

2.Saggy Leaves
The weather might have gotten hotter or maybe you simply got busy and forgot about your plant. You come home one day to find it sagging, maybe even some of the leaves are brown too. A common misconception is that the plant is dead but that isn’t always the case. All it needs is some water and a little tlc to her back on it feet or roots on this case. A good rule of thumb is if you can see a little green somewhere anywhere it’s still alive. Sometimes even if you can’t see green and it all looks brown it’s still alive as well but that really depends on the plant and if it is able to go dormant or not. Don’t give up on your plant or toss it in the bin just yet, just give it some water for a couple months or two and see if it comes back. Depending on how long it has been without water it could bounce back in a hour or even a day.

3.Leaves Aren’t As Green
If your plants leaves start to lose color don’t panic it’s not dying it just needs one of two things. The first one and most likely of the two is that it needs plant food. The second is that it maybe needs more sun.

  1. Skinny And Weak
    Your plant has been growing but it looks thinner than it should me and it’s steams are to skinny to hold up it’s leaves. For this reason the steam binds over and the plant sad. This means the poor little dear is leggy and needs more sun and is other wise happy. It’s common to think a plant like this is dying but it’s not it just needs a few months in the sun and it will get stronger. It may take time but every new batch of leaves that grow will be stronger than the ones before it until it’s back to it’s old self.
  2. Health But Purple/Dark Red Leaves
    Your plant seems to be a chameleon these days and you have noticed your plants leave have changed from green to purple or dark red, but otherwise looks healthy. This is called sun burn and is most common in plants like aloe vera but can happy to any plant. There are two things to note there. I’m plants like aloe aver the fix is to move them to indirect sunlight and the leaves should get better in a couple of days. Plants like aloe don’t really like direct sunlight but that’s over looked sometimes because we know they are from the dessert so we naturally think they love the sun, but they don’t. The second thing to note would be if your normal supposedly sun loving plant gets sunburn. This can happen because it was sitting in indirect sunlight and was reintroduced to sunlight to fast. You would have to take it out of the sun again and slowly everyday give it more time in direct sunlight until it becomes use to it again. This could also happen when bringing them from indoors to outdoors for the summer as your windows could have been protecting them from the sun. This fix will take longer than with aloe and the leaves that were burnt may always look that way but the bee leaves will look normal. It’s also important to note that if you leave a sunburnt plant in the sun it may never get use to it and could die. Taking it out of the sun and fitting the problem is the best route to take.
  3. Brown Tips, Curling, Misshaped, Drown/Yellow, or Dropping Leaves .
    All of the symptoms listed above are signs a plant has been over watered.. Brown tips and crunchy is one of the first signs and means your plant has been getting to much water. The downside is that this could cause root rot and needs to be fixed before that happens. You well have to stop watering your plant and let it almost dry out all the way before watering it again to order to prevent root rot and fit the damage done.
  4. Salty or Powdery Pot
    If you notice white powered or hard white stuff on the outside of your plants pot it’s two different things that happen because of one thing the plants pot isn’t sealed. When you buy a ceramic or terracotta pot that hasn’t been glazed it is exposed to the elements and the surfaces around it. This can cause mold or salt/minerals to grow on the outside. If it’s mold which morally can happen for over watering or exposure to mold on the area you have to repot the plant carefully and throw away the pot. Many people may say many things but mold is bad don’t try to save the pot especially with the plant it in. Use a face mask and gloves to prevent breathing in the mold and touching it and throw it out for your safety. The second thing is salt/mineral buildup this in common and is different in texture to mold. It’s harder and less powdery. You can scrub it off with a sponges even with the plant still inside. If you want to prevent it from happening again you can remove the plant to a temporary home, scrub the salt off, and spray or brush on a water proof pottery glaze. They make them in oven dry and air dry form and they even have some made for plant pots.
  5. White Stuff On the Top Of The Soil
    The white stuff you see on top of the soil is also mold and is caused by over watering. Wearing a face mask and cloves you can remove the plant from the soil and replant it into fresh soil. If this isn’t an option for you you because you have a rare plant that can’t be transplanted. You can also try scrapping of the layer of soil that has mold being careful not to infect the soil underneath and cover it with a new layer of soil.
  6. Mold On Plant
    If you notice white power on your plants leaves it could be so to lack of air circulation but before you move it next to the fan or outside you need to take some steps to make sure it doesn’t infect your other plants. First careful remove all of the infected making sure to wear a mask and gloves (our lungs don’t like mold). Once your have removed and or if you can’t remove the mold without killing the plant it’s time to make sure the mold is gone for good. It’s best to treat the plant by wash the plant with a mold and fungus killer before placing it in the sun or adding a fan to its area. You can find sprays to help cure the plant and bring it back to its happy self.
  7. Mushrooms
    Yes that’s right house plants can get mushrooms as well and it’s normally cause by what kind of organic matter is in its soil or if a spore got into the plant. What it means is that your plant and its soil is healthy but that doesn’t mean you should leave or that you want to leave the mushroom there. Mushroom spores are carried by the wind, they grab on to objects and can spread like wild fire. To prevent your houseplants from turning into a mushroom farm or even your outdoor garden or back yard remove the mushroom make sure not to touch anything else discard it in the waste bin and wash your hands immediately before touching anything else.

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