Crochet Play Spaghetti Free Pattern

We have all been having fun learning to pretend play with the baby, and one of his favorite dishes is homemade spaghetti. He always wants to help around the kitchen especially when his favorite foods are involved. We couldn’t find any pretend play spaghetti so I decided to crochet up a batch of play spaghetti. This is a free pattern that I made up myself and I hope you and whoever you make this for enjoy it as much as we do.

Noodles Instructions

Round 1 Chain 50

Round 2 single stitch 50

Fasten Off tie ends

Do this 5 times to make five spaghetti noodles in total

Sauce Instructions

Round 1 Single crochet into magic circle

Round 2 Single crochet 12

Round 3 Single crochet 1 then increase 2 repeat for a total of 18 stitches

Round 4 Repeat Round 3

Round 5 Single crochet 5 into the back of one stitch then skip one and chain 1 repeat all the way round

Fasten Off tie ends work ends into piece.

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