How to Grow Store Bought Garlic In Your Garden.

We like to grow garlic in a garden for a few reasons. The biggest reason that we like to grow garlic is that we know it is organic an wasn’t sprayed with chemicals. We also like to use the garlic greens in cooking, and also we just love gardening. There are more reasons but those are the basics. We move a lot and have fond that not everywhere we have lived sells garlic bulbs are even if/when they do they sell out very fast. We have actually never been able to find garlic bulbs in the nursery so we have always grown them from store bought. It’s very easy to do if you make sure to get the right kind of garlic.


Can You Grow Garlic From The Grocery Store.


Yes you can but it’s important to note that when you are buying garlic from the store that not all garlic is growing to grow. A lot of companies spray the garlic with chemicals so that it will not grow. They do this for two reason. One reason is to keep it from growing before people can buy it, because a lot of times the garlic is shipped from different countries and can take a while to get to the store. The second reason is to prevent people from growing it and there are many reasons, but the biggest are to keep people buying there product.  


What Kind Of Store Bought Garlic To Grow


You want to get an organic garlic. You should be able to find organic garlic at any grocery store now a days. If they don’t have it at the store you normally go to you can go to a organic or health food store to get it.


Checking To See If The Garlic Will Grow


These are two good little trick to see if the garlic you bought will grow. Sometimes you wont be able to find organic garlic and that’s ok. Look for garlic in the store that looks like it is already starting to sprout, this will be a good indication that it was either not sprayed, or got missed by the spray somehow. If you cant find any sprouting garlic that’s ok as well just take the garlic home, peel the outer skin off, and soak it in water for about a week. If they garlic starts to grow roots or even greens it will grow.


Planting And Growing Store Bought Garlic

When your are ready to grow your garlic you will need to separate each clove and peal off the skin. Make sure you don’t cut off or damaged the flat part at the bottom because that is where the roots come from. You then want to stick the garlic in water and soak it for about a week in a warm spot or until you see roots. Once it starts to root you can plant it in soil making sure to compete cover it with soil.



Don’t leave the garlic in the water to long after you start to see roots. Once you se about a half inch to inch of roots hurry and plant it in the soil. The reason for this is the plant can get use to growing in water and if left to long in water it will die if you want it in the soil. The downside is it will also die if you leave it in the water. If you leave it in the water for to long you can still save it by adding dirt in. About every other day add a sprinkle of soil into the water so the plant can build up a tolerance to the soil. Once you think it is ready you can plant it in the soil and it will not die.

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