5 Things A Peace Lily Plants Can Do For Your Baby’s Nursery And Health.

The Peace Lily plant as a long history of health, healing, and peace. So when we decided to decorate the nursery here at Our Little Chateau it was at the top of the list for must have plants in the baby’s nursery. Something’s stand the test of time and this low maintenance beautiful plant is one of them and here is why.

The top five reasons reasons Peace Lilies are prefect for your little ones nursery.

1. Removes acetone from the air.

Peace Lilies purify the air which is something that most plants do but unlike other plants the peace lily removed acetone from the air in your own. Acetone is found in many products you might have or use in your baby’s room like wall paint, rubbing alcohol, wood varnish on table and dressers. It can also be found on items you wouldn’t use in your baby’s room but their chemicals could float around your house and into your baby’s room such as nail polish and nail polish remover, glass cleaner, and other household cleaners.

2. Reduces and prevents mildew.

This is actually a big problem in baby nurseries because of humidifiers. Babies need humidifiers to help them breath, keep their skin healthy, reduce germs in their room, and help prevent or reduce colic. Unfortunately all that moister can cause mildew which is bad for babies. The Peace Lily plant can help to reduce, eliminate, and even prevent mildew in areas it lives in. They have the ability to soak in extra moister in a room.

3. Raise humidity in a room.

If moister isn’t an issue for you and you need more humidity and moister in your nursery Peace Lilies can help with that as well. Although they soak in extra moister in the room they can also be used to help add moister to a room. Peace Lilies love moister and if you need more moister in your baby’s nursery just give the plant a daily misting with a squirt bottle and it will raise the humidity in the room. The extra misting will had moister to the plant and release moister into the air at the same time. If you have a humidity checker in your nursery like I do you will see the numbers raise and fall daily depending on if you add or remove moister to the room.

4. Removes mold spores from room.

Where there mildew there is mold and sometimes there’s just mold. Mold is a sneaky little devil. Traveling through the air, on our clothing, skin, and other items by way of tiny spores that can float in the air and land on items in a room and grow. It’s favourite places to live are on windowsills, in walls, ceilings, and inside toys that are wet inside. The Peace Lily actually captures mold spores from the air and eliminates them, which means you and your baby won’t be breathing them in.

5. Brings piece to a room.

From legends of old to Feng Shui the Peace Lily has a long history of bringing peace and clam to a room and helping people to rest, sleep, and heal. It as not had a history of being given to families with new borns but also to people who are sick, recovering from illness, and to families who have lost a love one and it’s no surprise. With all of the health benefits it’s brings and it’s beauty it’s no wander this plant as gotten such an amazing reputation through the centuries. It’s not just a reputation it’s actually how it got it’s name. So if you are looking for something beautiful and healthy to put in your nursery this a top rated plant for health and peace all around the world.

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  1. Wonderful and please may you kindly help in educating me on how to grow peace lily at home
    Thanks yours faithfully.
    Peter Onàluna

    • Peace Lilies are very easy to grow at home. They need indirect sunlight, a well draining soil, and to have their new growth separated once you can see the roots coming out of the bottom of the pot. Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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