Easy Grilled Chili Rellenos Recipe

Chili Rellenos is a Mexican dish that comes from the city of Puebla. The dish is made of large chili peppers stuffed with cheese, dipped in batter and fried until stuff gooey and crispy. This recipes is and easy way to make that dish over a grill either on a barbecue or on an inside grilled.



6 Large Poblano Pepper (or large long sweet pepper if you don’t want it to be be spicy)

1 Block Mozzarella Cheese



Step 1 – Wash and dry chilies. Using a pairing knife cut a 2in/5cm slit into the top of the chilies about one inch below the where the stem of the pepper is and set the cut chilies to the side.


Step 2 – Cut the mozzarella cheese block in to sticks the about two inches smaller than the chilies size in length. Then cut cheese sticks into 1 to ½ in/ 2 to 1cm thick sticks.


Step 3 – Carefully insert as many cheese stick 1 to 2 cheese sticks into the cut opening of each pepper. Be careful not to rip the opening and not to stuff the chilies to much of the will over flow and leak.


Step 4 – Place stuffed chilies on a top of a grill that is heated to medium to low heat. Grill each said until you see grill marks and the pepper is tender but still slightly crunchy. You should be able to pick it up without it falling apart.


Tip – If you are using a barbecue grill a could eat to know when the grill has cooked down enough to cook the chilies on is by waiting until you have cookies everything else and cook the chilies last. By doing this you insure that the heat from the grill has faded and is low enough to evenly cook the chilies without the risk of burning or over cooking them.

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