How To Grow Patiohit Roses

Mother’s Day is coming soon which means roses and flowers will be sold everywhere because we all love mummy, and grandma too! Patiohit Roses are miniature rose bushes that are cultivated to grow in small spaces. They were designed to grow on patios hints the name and are largely sold and giving out as present on Mother’s Day in the UK and the US. Patio Hits are small and beautiful and come in a verity of colors that can be grown all year round.


Sun – Patiohit Roses need 4 hours of sun a day making them prefect for any window you put them in. They can also tolerate and even in still bloom in less sun but for blooms 4 hours is best.


Soil – You can plant them in well draining potting mix. A good rose and flower mix would do nicely.


Spacing – These roses do not require a lot of space and can be planted in a large pot with other Patiohit roses of different colors for a colorful and beautiful display.


Water – 1in/2cm of water every week is all they need.


Food – Fertilize potted Patiohit Roses once a month with a liquid rose and flower fertilizer, and twice a month when they are in bloom.


Annual or Perennial – These are perennial flowers that mostly are sold as repeat bloomers. Meaning they bloom a few times a year, some verities will only bloom once a year.


Climate/Hardiness – These flowers are not very hardy and need to be brought in during cold winter months.


Transplant – After your roses have bloom you can transplant them to a different a pot or keep them in the one they came in. They don’t need a lot of space but if you are taking care of them properly and they don’t look well transplant them to a pot 1 to 2 sizes bigger than the one they came in.


Tips – Dead heading these roses is the best way to keep them healthy. They are small so you wouldn’t want to prune them back. Dead heading is when you cut off only the flower blooms once they are started to wether.

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