How to Grow Poet’s Narcissus Flowers

Poet’s Narcissus flowers originate from Europe. These lovely little flowers are in the daffodil family and only come in one color. Well that one color is actually three colors because each flower is adorned with three colors white, yellow, and orange.


Sun – Poet’s Narcissus flowers love 6 to 8 hours for full sun everyday.


Soil – These flowers can grow in a variety of soil types but they like loose  well draining soil so that their bulbs don’t rot. A loose loamy soil or even a sandy soil mix would be prefect.


Spacing – Spacing really depends on what size flowers you have have. Spacing can rang from 3in/7cm to 6in/15cm


Water – Poet’s Narcissus do not like a lot of water. They should only be watered if the top soil is almost completely dried out.


Food – They also don’t need much fertilizer and only require fertilizer once a year in the fall after the flowers have dried out. You can fertilize them in the beginning of spring instead of your area is to cold in the fall to fertilize them.


Annual or Perennial – These flowers are perennial because they are bulbs they will come back year after year.


Climate/Hardiness – Poet’s Narcissus can be cold hardy depending on the variety you have. Most of them will not survive temperatures colder than 25°F/-3c.


Harvest – you can harvest the flowers anytime after they are fully bloomed as the will not bloom after they have been cut. You can harvest the bulbs after the blooms have died down and dried out. This is a good way to save them from winter cold.


Transplant – Transplanting Poet’s Narcissus is fairly easy all you need to do is make sure the follower is done blinking for the year which usually is in the fall. In the fall you can carefully dig them up and transplant them somewhere else or save them in a dry cool place for the next growing season.

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