How To Grow Christmas Holly

Christmas Holly also known as English Holly is a wonderful plant to grow in the garden outside. It is an evergreen and has waxy green leaves that looks traffic all year round.

Sun – Christmas Holly needs 6 to 8 hour of direct sunlight a day.

Soil – These plants can grow in almost any kind of soil as long as it is moist and drains well.

Spacing – Space plants 11inches/30cm part.

Water – Christmas Holly needs 2 inches of water every week.

Food – Fertilize Christmas Holly in the early spring after the last frost. You can also fertilize it in early fall while the weather is still warm.

Annual or Perennial – They are perennial evergreens. This means their leaves stay green all year round. They can also live 100 years or longer.

Climate/Hardiness – Christmas Holly is a very hardy plant and has deep roots which help to keep it warm in the winter. Holly will still healthy and green even in the snow which is why it is an evergreen.

Harvest – You can harvest the berries off of the tree when they are fully red.

Transplant – Transplanting a holy tree is almost in possible as their roots can grow as long as 25ft/763cm underground.


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