How To Grow Hydrangeas

We love growing and propagating Hydrangeas. They are so beautifully full and grow amazingly. They can also be coloring changing.

Sun – Hydrangeas need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight everyday. Some may say they don’t but whenever we have had them in the shade, partial shade, or in less sun they do not grow as well.

Soil – They love to grow in humus-rich, clay soil. We once lived on land that use to be a giant grape vineyard and this is were our hydrangeas grew the best.

Spacing – This beautiful flower bushes need to be spaced 3 to 10 feet apart so their roots can spread out for maximum growth.

Water – Hydrangeas need to be watered deeply as their roots can grow very far underground. For this reason if you don’t live in an area where it rains often you will need to deeply water your hydrangeas 3 times every week.

Food – Sometimes what you feed your hydrangeas can determine what color they become once they bloom. They will need to be fertilized once every year at the beginning of sprint after the last frost.

Annual or Perennial – Hydrangeas are perennials that have a lifespan of 50 years.

Climate/Hardiness – They are very cold weather hardy do to their deep roots and will only need to be cut back in the fall to prepare them for winter.

Harvest – Hydrangea blooms well be ready for harvest from August until October, and can be propagated in late spring early summer.

Transplant – Transplanting hydrangeas isn’t easy. They have very deep roots, we know we have tried it and we never did find the end of the roots. Sometimes the roots can be shallow but we haven’t seen one with shallow roots so far.

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