How To Grow Snap Green Beans

Snap green peas can grow in a surprisingly small spaces. We love to grow these because our little one loves them. We started to grow them when he was a baby to mash up for his baby food. The photo above is of one of our snap green bean plants that we didn’t have room for that still grew while in its start pot. This is a guide with growing care and maintenance information on snap green beans.

Sun – Snap Green Beans need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Soil – They can grow in almost any kind of soil from regular garden soil to sandy loams. As long as the soil is moist and well draining with the right ph they will grow just fine.

Spacing – Snap Green Beans need to be at least 2 inches apart with 2 feet apart between rows.

Water – These beans need 1 inch of water once a week and more in the hot summer months

Food – Snap Green Beans need fertilizer twice in a growing season. They need fertilizer when they are first planted and again when you start to see the beans growing.

Annual or Perennial – Snap Green Beans are annuals and will not come back after they are done growing.

Climate/Hardiness – They are not cold hardy and will grow best in warm weather and die off after the beans are fully grown.

Harvest – Snap Green Beans are ready to harvest 50-60 days after planting.

Transplant – You can transplant Snap Green Beans as soon as the last frost has passed and the weather is warm.

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