How To Grow Paris Island Lettuce

Paris Island Lettuce is easy to grow and can even be grown in containers. The flavor is a lot like butter lettuce and iceberg lettuce. You can also harvest it multiple times as it will continue to grow until it starts to flower. This blog is for basic care instructions on how to care for and grow Paris Island lettuce. 

Sun – Paris Island lettuce needs 6-8 hours of full sunlight daily. If your planting area gets more than 6-8 hours of sun and is hot you can also plant them in the partial shade.

Soil – This plant needs lose well draining soil. The soil needs to be kept cool because Paris island lettuce doesn’t grow well in warm weather.

Spacing – You can space each plant 6-10 inches apart and the rows 12-16 inches apart.

Water – Paris Island lettuce needs 1 inch of water every week.

Food – Lettuce needs to be fertilized at least once a month.

Annual or Perennial – Paris Island lettuce is an annual that will need to be replanted every year. If the weather is cool and not to hot you will be able to harvest it multiple times in one year.

Climate/Hardiness – Paris Island lettuce is  very cool hardy plant, and doesn’t do well in hot dry climates. We have grown Paris Island lettuce in the snow.

Harvest – You can harvest Paris Island lettuce multiple time or you can wait and harvest it all at once. Which ever way you chose to harvest it you can harvest it 55-75 days after planting.

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