How To Grow Blue Plantain Lilies

One thing that I miss about our little chateau in America are my giant blue plantain lilies lining the front of the house. We recently had them removed at the request of one of our renters who lived in the house but weren’t those lilies were so beautiful! They are also cold hardy which makes them prefect for areas that have a lot of snow fall and areas where there is a lot of heat. Here is all the information you need to grow your own.


Sun – Blue plantain lilies do best in particle shade. This means that for part of the day it should be in the sun and for the rest of the day it should be in the shade. When the sun is at its highest peak the plant should be in the shade.


Soil – The best soil for these lilies is loose sandy well draining soil. They like to live in moist soil but not wet puddles of soil. It is also a good idea to cover the soil with something like mulch to keep the soil shaded and cool.


Spacing – For giant blue plantain lilies the spacing between them should be 20 to 48 inches/50 to 120 cm).


Water – Blue plantain lilies need to be watered once a week, sometimes more if the weather is hot. When you first plant them these lilies they need to be watered everyday in order to grow roots.

Food – They need to be fertilized once a year in the spring when they plant starts to grow back.

Annual or Perennial – The blue plantain lily is an perennial that can live 30 plus years. So if you want a plant that will stay with you for a long time this is the plant for you. 

Climate/Hardiness – These plants are very cold hardy. We never covered ours from frost or snow.

Harvest – You can harvest blue plantain lilies right before the blooms start to open or after and place them in a vase. You can also harvest roots or seeds to make more blue plantain plants

Transplant – You can transplant blue plantain lilies but it might be harder once they form deep roots. 

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