How to Grow Miniature Cucumbers

Growing miniature can be a big space saver in the garden. They also take less time to grow than larger cucumbers too so you get to enjoy them sooner. You can grow them in pots, garden beds, and in the ground. They are very versatile and easy to grow.

Sun – Miniture cucumbers need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. They can grow in partial shade but they may not produce as many cucumbers as they would if they were if full sun.

Soil – Miniature cucumbers grow best in loose sandy loams, but can also do well in in well draining soil.

Spacing – You can space mini cucumbers 8 to 10 inches part.

Water – 1 inch of water every week is all they needs to grow. If the weather is warmer they will need to be watered more often or even with more water.

Food – Feed your miniature cucumber plants twice a month, that’s every two weeks.

Annual or Perennial – All cucumber plants are annual because they only have a 60 to 70 day lifespan. Once they produce cucumbers and those cucumbers are harvested that is the end of their life cycle.

Climate/Hardiness – Miniature cucumbers are not hardy, in fact no cucumbers are. They really aren’t suppose to survive long enough to make it to winter. They are a warm climate plant and do best in the warm summer to early fall months.

Harvest – Miniature cucumbers row faster than regular cucumbers. You can expect to harvest them within 45-50 days.

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