Cherry Tomato Growing and Care List

We love tomatoes here at Our Little Chateau and cherry tomatoes is a big favorite for us. We are always growing different kinds of cherry tomatoes and the basic care for them is pretty much the same. If you are planting your cherry tomatoes for the first time or just need a little reminder these are the basic care and maintenance tips for cherry tomato plants.

Sun – Cherry tomato plants in 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight direct sunlight everyday.

Soil -Tomato plants can grow in any type of soil, but will grow the best in loose well draining soil. One of the most productive tomatoes plants we have had here at Our Little Chateau was grown in a slightly sandy loam.

Spacing – 2 to 3 feet apart is the best spacing for cherry tomatoes. If you are looking to grow them in pots 3 to 5 gallon pots are required for maximum growth and in order for the plants to produce fruit.

Water – Cherry Tomatoes plants love water. It is good to give them a good soaking every few days or whenever they look dry.

Food – You should feed your cherry tomato plant at least once a month. Unless they are fruiting then you should feed them twice a month with a fertilizer made for tomato plants.

Annual or Perennial – Tomato plants are perennial. If the temperature doesn’t get to cold for them to survive the would thrive, grow, and bare fruit all year around.

Climate/Hardiness – Cherry tomato plants are not hardy and like warm and hot climates. They can survive in temperatures around 50°F and sometimes as low at 30°F but if they are that cold for two long they will stop producing fruit and die.

Harvest – You can harvest cherry tomatoes after 50 to 65 days from planting, which is faster than their larger counterparts.

Transplant – They do not like being transplanted once they are full grown. For this reason if you need to move your tomato plants inside once it gets to old you should plant them in large containers.

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