How to Grow Hedou Bok Choy

Hedou Bok Choy is a miniature version of Bok Choy. It is a rare garden plant that we grow in Our Little Chateau. It is a lot of fun to grow and it grows very fast. It is also very low maintenance but can be grown in small containers so it is prefect for filling in garden space or growing indoors. There is all the care information you will need to grow Hedou Bok Choy.

Hedou Bok Choy needs 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. It can tolerate shade but note that it will grow slower in the shade which means a later harvest time.

You can plant them in garden soil or a soil that is well draining and rich in organic matter.

Miniature Bok Choy needs less space to grow and their roots don’t grow very deep. They can be grown 3 to 6 inches. We typically grow ours 3 inches apart and they still reach their full size. We. Have also grown them in very small containers and they only thing that happens is that they grow smaller in size, just like they would if you grow them in the shade.

Bok Choy likes moist soil and does not like being dry. If the soil starts to dry it will start to like welted. If this happens water the soil immediately and they leaves should spring back up.

This plant as a very short growing season and does not need to be feed.

Annual or Perennial
Hedou Bok Choy is either an annual or a perennial it is actually biennial. The reason it seems like and annual is people cut the whole plant down before it seeds in order to eat it.

They are not hardy plants and like being warm the coldest they can tolerate is 60°F/15°C and the hottest would be around 80°F/26°C. We have grown them in hotter and colder climates but they will grow smaller in cold weather and flower and seed in cold and hot because they are dying.

Harvest times depends of the conditions the plants are kept in and can rang from 25 to 50 days.

Hedou Bok Choy doesn’t mind being transplanted. We start the seeds indoors in a warm place in a moist paper towel or soil and transplant them one sometimes even twice before they are full grown.

You don’t have to cut the whole plant down to harvest it. You can cut only the leaves you need and leave the rest to grow. The plant will keep producing more leaves until it flowers.

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