How To Grow Baby Carrots From Any Carrot Seed

Last summer the baby planted all of his carrots seeds from one packet in a small planter box in the garden late in the growing season. The result was cute little tiny baby carrots. The reason for this is that baby carrots like the ones you fine at the store are just full size carrots cut smaller of full size carrots that were pulled out of the grown early. Depending on what kind of baby carrots your store sells. Even most dwarf carrot seed packets you will find at the store are full size carrots. I good way to find out if they are full size are not is to leave them in the ground longer than they packet suggest. You may find full size carrots when you pull them up.

Growing Baby Carrots/ Harvest

The most important step in growing baby carrots is making use you cut in half their grow time. In the package says 60 days to harvest then you would want to harvest them in 30 days. If you don’t want to harvest them early you can also plant them in containers that well make sure their main root that turns into a carrot doesn’t grow to long.


Carrots grow best in full sun. South facing gardens are best when it comes to getting the amount of light they need.


Carrots like to grown in lose well draining soil. It is recommended by many gardeners to use lose loamy or sandy soil that drains well. You can also use a garden soil or plant them in the soil mother nature has provided you in your garden or backyard. If you do you just need to make sure to till the soil well and don’t pack it down once you plant the carrots.


Carrots need about one inch of water every week. If you live in a place that doesn’t rain a lot of is hot and dry you may need to water them more. Carrots can grow 6 inches or more under the ground making it important to water them according to your climate.

Annual or Perennial

Carrots are annuals. You can leave some to grow to seed and plant the seeds next growing season.

Climate/ Hardiness

Because carrots grow underground they can be pretty tolerant of cooler and warmer temperatures. A good range would be 55°F to 75°f. That being said we have grown them in colder and hotter temperatures you just need to watch them if the weather is consistently cooler of hotter than those temperatures.

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