How To Propagate And Plant Mint From Store Bought Cuttings

Mint is a very good plant to have around a chateau it helps with stomach ailments, is refreshing, is very aromatic, and taste heavenly. When we first moved to Ireland one of the first things we did was bought a mint plant and we soon established a small into and outdoor mint garden. Only in pots because mint is very invasive and grows fast. Unfortunately it wasn’t the kind of mint I really wanted. I really wanted apple mint because has amazingly large leaves and a wonderful sweet minty flavor. One day while at the store I found some fresh cut mint and was over joyed to find that it was apple mint. We quickly took it home to get to work making a mint plant. If you want to make a mint pant from one you have at home to one you found at the store even if it just cutting here is what you can do.

Step 1.

Prepare the water. This means getting some roomish around room temperature water and sitting it to the side for a few hours or overnight. The reason for this is that in some areas the chloride in water can actually keep your mint cutting from sprouting roots. Some areas have high levels than other and this would be an issue but some areas it is lower and so you may not have to do this but it is best to just to make sure. It will also help to insure that the water in room temperature if the water is to cold the plant will also not sprout roots.

Step 2.

Once your water is ready cut the ends of your mint so the plant can absorb water to keep it leafs alive. Place it in the water and wait a 1 to 2 weeks. Make sure to change the water if it starts to look cloudy. If it doesn’t look cloudy than you can leave it alone the hormones the plant produces to grow roots will be in the water and changing it when it doesn’t need to be change can slow down the process.

Step 3.

When you are able to see the roots and they are about 1/2 inch to 1 inch long take the mint out of the water and get it ready to plant in the soil. If you leave the mint in the water to long i.e. the roots get to long then the roots will be use to the water and the plant could die when you transplant it to the soil.

Step 4.

Carefully cut any leaves that are around the roots or near any part of the you will be placing into the soil. This will keep them from rooting in the soil and harming the plant. Be careful not cut the roots.

Step 5.

Make a small hole in the soil and place plant inside. Lightly pack the dirt around the soil making sure not to break the roots.

Step 6.

Water to the plant to insure the soil will cover the roots and sit back and watch your beautiful and tasty plant grow.

Tip: Make sure to add a lot of water the plant was in water and needs to get use to the soil. It is also still forming roots and wet soil will make it easier for the roots to grow through the dirt. When we do this we make sure to give the dirt a good soaking and then leave it alone until the top inch or to of soil gets dry and then we water the plant again. Make sure not to make a pool of water but do make sure it is very wet.

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