How to Grow an Avocado Tree

Avocado trees originate from Mexico, some researches believe they come from Puebla, Mexico. Avocado trees are subtropical and tropical in nature but there are verities that can withstand cold temperatures. Avocado trees can live 200 to 400 years and have a slow growth to maturity rate. If you plant an avocado tree from seed it could take 5 to 13 years before it fruits. The best way to grow an avocado tree is from rootstock. Rootstock Avocado trees fruit sooner and also are true to type. Below you will find growing and care information to help you grow your own Avocado tree.


Sun – Avocado trees need 6 to 8 hours of full bright sunlight daily.


Soil – They like well draining sandy soil types. We plant our avocado trees in cactus soil.


Spacing – Plant avocado trees at least 30ft/9.1m away from each other.


Water – Avocado trees need 2in/50mm of water every week.


Food – Fertilize once a year in the spring when the weather starts to warm up.  


Annual or Perennial – They are evergreen perennials which means they stay green all year round, even in the winter.


Climate/Hardiness – Avocado trees natural climate is tropical and subtropical plants. However there are cold hardy Avocado trees that can withstand cold temperatures of 20°F/-6°C.


Harvest – Harvesting avocados off of a tree is completely up to the grower and their needs. If you want to harvest them when they are still hard and wait for them to ripen off the tree you can do that. Are you can let them ripen on the tree and pick them off as needed.


Grafting – If you are grafting from rootstock you will need booth the root stock and the scion. Rootstock takes one year to grow before it can be grafted to a scion.


Tips – You do not need two avocado trees in order to get fruit. Avocado trees are self fertile. Having more than one could give you a better crop yield but is not necessary.

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