How To Grow Dill

We grow dill both indoors and outdoors year round. The dill we have indoors is to use whenever we need fresh dill and the dill outdoors is for drying.

Sun – Dill needs 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight daily.

Soil – Plant in well draining soil that is also able to stay moist and is rich with organic matter.

Spacing – They need to be planted 6in/5cm apart in order to grow properly.

Water – 1in/2cm of water a week is what dill needs. If the climate is hot it will more water and if the climate is cool then it will need less water.

Food – After dill is planted in well fertilized soil it does not need to be fertilized.

Annual or Perennial – Dill plants have a life span of 2 years but it is not a perennial, it is also not an annual, it is actually a biennial. Dill has a two year life cycle and after the 2 years it seeds itself and those seeds turn into more plants.

Climate/Hardiness – They are not very cold hardy but an established plant can survive 25°F/-3.88°C. This temperature is not recommended full term as they optimal temperature for dill is 70°F/21°C and above.

Harvest – You can harvest dill 4 to 8 weeks after planting it.

Transplant – Dill does not like being transplanted. For this reason you should try to plant it where it is going to grow and thin the seedlings as needed.

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