How To Grow Tomatillos

We started growing tomatillos when we couldn’t find them at the store when we moved. We didn’t use them that often at the time but when we couldn’t find them we decided it would be wonderful to grow them. Here is all the growing information you will need to start growing your own tomatillo plants.


They can be grown in any garden soil. However for best results get a garden soil made for tomato plants.


Full south facing sun is best for tomatillos. The more sun the better and there isn’t any risk of sunburn on tomatillos because they are covered with a bust which protects them against sun and certain kinds of pest.


Tomatillos need 1 to 1 ½ inches of rain a day.


These plants need. Two feeding of fertilizer once when you first plant them making sure you work the fertilizer throughly through the soil, and again after the last fruit is harvested. The second feeding is to help the plant make new flowers to grow more fruit.

Annual or Perennial

Tomatillos plants are perennials that a mostly grown as annuals. If cared for and protected from the cold tomatillos plants will survive and grow fruit for 2 to 5 years.


Tomatillo plants originate from Mexico and like warm and hot environments. For this reason they do not do well in cold weather.


From seed tomatillos take 75 to 100 days to harvest and from transplant they can take between 65 to 85 days. In our experience the dates change depending on warm weather. Our tomatillos seems to flower and fruit sooner if there are more warm days than cold and if they have more time to grow before fall.

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