How To Grow Bergenia Elephant Ears

Bergenia Elephant Ears are a type of elephant ears plant that grows pretty little magenta colored bell shaped star flowers. They are very cold hardy and will come back year after year if you take proper care of them. Below is a list of growing and care information so you can grow your own beautiful and healthy Bergenia Elephant ear plant.

Sun – Bergenias love shade and dark placed with little peaks of sun shining through. They are prefect if you live in a place that is cloudy most of the time of to plant in a garden that doesn’t get a lot of sun or that is covered in tree.

Soil – This plant does not care what kind of soil you land it in. I have seen them growing in hot ares where the soil is dry and we have grown them in areas where it rains almost everyday.

Spacing – Plant these elephant ears 12-18 inches/30-46 cm apart if you are going to grow more than one in the same space.

Water – Bergenia Elephant Ears are very good starter plants and make wonderful plants for people who aren’t good at taking care of plants. If they are over watered they don’t care and if they are under watered they won’t care either. You could nicely water them once a week or wait for rain, just. Make sure not to let them dry out completely if you are in hot zone that is prone to drought.

Food – Use a mineral fertilizer when feeding these plants in late winter.

Annual or Perennial – Bergenia Elephant Ears are actually and evergreen perennial and you can expect to see there green leaves throughout the winter and their beautiful magenta flowers in the spring.

Climate/Hardiness – These plants are very cold hardy and also very heat tolerant. They are very easy to grow and care for no matter what zone you live in.

Transplant – It would most likely be easier to propagate these plants than it would to be transplant after they have gotten established in a spot. They like to spread their roots and are an every green so their roots go pretty deep.

Tips – This is a fun and easy plant that can be grown anywhere and enjoyed all year long in heat, rain, and snow. It is an amazing plant for beginners.

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