Irish Pub Salad

Irish Pub Salad is a classic dish served at pubs all over Ireland. That’s right a nice healthy green salad with all the fixings. If you would like to give this salad a good go simply follow the recipe below.

Ingredients Note: the ingredients don’t have measurements because it’s up to you on if you are serving for one person or hundreds. This is a list of everything that normally goes into making a pub salad.

  • Butter lettuce leaves or Little gems
  • Small pickled beets
  • Pickled asparagus tips (I used asparagus tips satiated in chicken stock)
  • Cucumber slices
  • Small plum tomatoes cut in half
  • Boiled eggs peeled and cut in half
  • Sweet onion or shallot sliced long ways
  • Brick Irish mild white cheddar cheese


After you have boiled, sliced, uncanned, and cut your way through congratulate yourself on your sue chief skills because now it’s time to assemble the dish. This dish is served on a platter with all of the ingredients sitting on top of the lettuce. You can be creative on how you place the items but make sure not to make it look like a tossed salad.

Salad Dressing Ingredients

The most common dressing I have seen is a spoonful of mayonnaise or mayonnaise mixed with vinegar salt and pepper. Feel free to use which ever dressing you fancy with your salad. It all about relaxing and enjoying good food with good people.

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