Easy DIY Jack-O-Lantern Window Silhouette.

It’s that time of year again. Time for the family to sit around the fire place telling scary stories and trying to jump scare the life out of each other while wearing spooky costumes. Time for witches to stuff your children full of candy and send them back home to you literally looking like little monsters. This year we may not be able to go trick or treating but we can still stuff ourselves full of sweets and decorate ourselves and our homes in the true sprite of Halloween.

This year I decorated our window to look like the silhouette of a jack-o-lantern and it became a big hit with the family and the neighbours. Everyone ask where I bought the window clings or sticker from. My not so secret secret is a made them myself. Yes that’s right you don’t need to spend a boat load of money on decorations, sometimes it’s the simple things that turn out being the best.

What you need.

3 sheets of large black construction paper. I used Crayola giant construction paper because it’s what I had on hand.


Clear tape

Yep it’s that simple three things you probably already have on hand if you have kids.


Step 1. Cut out your jack-o-lantern face shapes making sure to keep them a large enough size to be seen from the street but not to big that they don’t fit in the window.

Step 2. Tape the shapes to the window making sure to get them as flats on the window as possible so that the lights in your home can’t shine through and mess up the effect.

And there you have it. Fun, easy, safe Halloween decor. This is my first year doing this project and even my oldest got in on the fun. She made a witch and a black cat for her window. Next year I plan on getting more elaborate with the designs and decorating more windows. If you tried this DIY let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear what designs you came up with. I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween. Happy Halloween 👻 🎃

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