DIY Two Tier Planter Box

It’s officially summer and you know what the means.. The one eyed pregnant Rangoon that has been terrorizing the neighborhood is back. Yep the same Rangoon that has a personal vendetta with my front yard flower garden. Never fear my friends and garden enthusiast I have a few tricks of my sleeve and I’m not talking about the flats no bottom garden box or the garden spikes that didn’t work last year. No no this year we have a circular saw and are going to make a large two tier garden box.

The plan was to make the box 3ft tall, 4ft long to keep Karen the rangoon from messing around in the box. The hope was that she is lazy and it worked. We haven’t had any problems with Karen since we sat it in front of the house. Here’s what you will need.


16 4ft 1×6 6 3ft 1×6 6 9inch 1×6

Braces and trim

4 2ft 2×4 2 3ft 2×3 1 3ft 2×2 2 1.5ft 2×2 8 1.5ft 1×2 2 1.5ft 2×3

Outdoor deck screws Heavy duty garden fabric Box cutter

All the wood for this box was pressure treated outdoor wood. You don’t have to use that but it does help the box last longer.

Step One

Build the back wall and the bottom to help the project stand up while you work on the rest of the boxes. We drilled holes with a small drill bit before screwing in the deck strews. It help them go in easier and keeps them straight. Always use a drill bit that is smaller than the screw so the screw can still grip the wood.

Step Two

Build the the bottom tier to stabilize the project and to hold up the top tier while you work on it. Make sure to leave some space for the outside trim. If you don’t want trim add and extra inch to your side boards.

Step Three

Build the top tear making sure to use the two 2×2 3ft braces. Even if you don’t have trim you will need the braces to the tier together. Without them when you fill it with dirt the weight of the dirt will just pop it out.

Step Four

Line box with heavy duty garden fabric and slash some holes in the fabric. This not only helps to keep the the box looking better longer but also helps keep your plants and flowers safe from pest and weeds but also frost. If you have plants that come back to life in the winter the extra layer of protection can make a big difference in freezing weather. I recommend a very thick garden fabric to help protect from pest, weeds, and cold.

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